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ETP - Business Process Support Questionnaire

Recognized leaders in helping companies formulate and implement business plans in today's ever-changing environment. Our deep expertise in business, sales, and marketing IT Systems plus vast experience with current technology market ecosystems allows us to capture, analyze, and disseminate information from many disparate sources and provide unbiased and timely strategies to our clients.

Like most companies, you have many capable managers who are quite busy with their day-to-day operational tasks. You would like to begin process improvements and move the company toward its next operational plateau. Bringing in consultants generally takes a lot of time, distracts staff, and generally yields reports that are actionable but deliver no real results.

This questionnaire is designed to help you through a process whereby you can decide on some very short term outside consulting tasks that ETP can work for you to bring results to your company quickly. These are “hands on” tasks that can be implemented effectively to help your organization grow.

Business Process Support Questionnaire


Sales– I could use some help defining requirements and interviewing.

Web Dev – I could use some help defining requirements and interviewing.



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