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contact formFunctionality for contact form:

The contact form is designed as a vehicle for your users to contact you. The actual form itself located on contact.html has no functionality beyond posting the data filled in by the user to the form fields which then become available to contact.php .

The program contact.php will validate that the required form fields are filled in correctly. If they are not, a fail message will be presented to the user asking them to refill out the form. If the form is filled out correctly, it will validate. At this point it will append the form data to the file contact.txt and send an email to the email address you supplied in the program with that same data.

Periodically you will probably want to download contact.txt via ftp to review the file. Once done, you can open it with your word processor of choice and view the data. If there is a large amount of data, you may find it easier to change the file suffix from .txt to .csv [comma separated values] and open it with excel. This works quite well particularly if you then want to use it as data for sending out emails or surveys or newsletters.

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Software Preview

Standard Contractor Agreement

This is a template that you can use for creating a "Standard Contractor Agreement". It works particularly well when you are hiring a contractor to provide professional services to your company. The agreement is best suited for software development, but can be modified to fit other requirements and services. The agreement is designed to be fair to both parties and is generally considered non-offensive by most of the legal groups I have worked with in the United States.

CRM Success Series - User Adoption Planning

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