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Interactive Producer Services

What Are Interactive Producer Services? There are many different definitions for Interactive Producer Services. This is primarily due to the "many hat" aspect of the function, being part technologist, part project manager, web strategist, client delivery manager, among other duties.

Simply stated, The Interactive Producer oversees the successful delivery of all interactive development for client projects. Responsibilities include project scoping and planning, estimating and timing, and managing the digital creative and technology development processes. The producer serves as a liaison between account management and all other internal teams including, creative, technology and traffic. They often represent the company's digital expertise in a client-facing role. The producer is ultimately responsible for the delivery all digital projects.

ETP Marketing - Interactive Producer Services Engagement Model -

Tier 1 - Interactive Producer Professional Services - Retainer based - Two Professional Service days per month minimum. This gives the client 2 Professional Services days for our tier one services which include assessments, strategy, analysis, system design, interactive design, ecommerce set up, project or service delivery management, etc. - These services can be delivered onsite or virtually and can be delivered in blocks of 4 hours. Out of pocket expenses billed separately.

Tier 2 - Interactive Producer Support Services - these are sold in 10 hour blocks in advance at $75 per hour and cover all of the normal interactive support services like site updates, email blasts, mail list maintenance, database backup and maintenance, store updates and maintenance, etc. ** Note: These services are delivered virtually.

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